SUM 2021: URBDP 498D/598D – The Future of Cities After COVID-19

COURSE DESCRIPTION Since Covid-19 became a global health crisis, cities and citizens from all over the world have witnessed and experienced the urban dimension of the pandemic. The ongoing crisis forces us to rethink our life in cities and how public and private resources are used to respond to the social and economic challenges that the pandemic has brought to the fore. Covid-19 is radically changing our human relationships and the spaces we inhabit. It is an opportunity to rethink our cities in order to make them more resilient and livable. No city has all the resources to face this pandemic alone, and multi-level collaboration, multi-stakeholder alliances and internationalization can and should be an accelerator of global urban resilience. Cities face the double challenge of overcoming the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 while preserving the positive environmental side effects of quarantine. The urban social and economic ecosystem will only emerge stronger from the Covid-19 crisis by applying innovative approaches, sharing knowledge and creating new synergies. It is the challenge and opportunity facing the world now. This course will look at the impact of the pandemic on urban life and how governments all over the world, nonprofit organizations, businesses and citizens propose to shape our cities post Covid-19