Survey about daylighting and privacy in buildings

Dear colleague,


I hope you and your family are healthy and safe.


Please help us to complete a 15-minute survey conducted by Dr Sahar and Dr Mayhoub from the Architecture department, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.


It is part of a research study that aims to understand the importance of visual privacy for buildings’ occupants while practicing their work and how it impacts the pattern of controlling building systems (i.e., windows and their shading elements). Please note that your personal identity will not be recognized and your personal identity will remain completely confidential. All your responses to the questionnaire will not be shared with other parties, and it will only be used for academic research purposes.


Please follow the link to login:


Feel free to circulate it! This would be gratefully appreciated.



Mohammed Mayhoub


Associate Professor,

Architecture department,

Faculty of Engineering,

Al-Azhar University,

Cairo, Egypt