Sustainable Urbanization Through Urban-Rural Co-Development: Call-out for contributions

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Submit an abstract to contribute to a special edition of Frontiers titled “Sustainable Urbanization Through Urban-Rural Co-Development”.

There are three themes we would like contributors to address:

1. Regional and territorial planning for an integrated urban and rural development, with a particular focus on spatial planning that uses an ecological and landscape approach to shape urban-rural continuum while reducing the environmental impact on rural-urban convergences.
2. Enhancing legislation, governance, and capacity via partnerships between urban and rural areas, including government collaboration and public-private partnership in regional planning to support flows of people, goods, and resources among big central cities, towns, and rural settlements for rural-urban co-benefits.
3. Inclusive investment and finance in both urban and rural areas, especially equity-driven policies and investment strategies in areas such as housing and infrastructure aimed at reducing urban-rural disparities and supporting urban-rural co-development in economic, social, and cultural spheres.

The types of manuscripts can include: original research, community case study, policy brief, and conceptual analysis.

Submission Deadlines: 

Abstract: February 28 2021

Manuscript: May 28 2021