The Marconi Prize

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The Marconi Prize is awarded annually to innovators who have made a significant contribution to increasing digital inclusivity through advanced information and communications technology. Marconi Fellows are recognized at an annual symposium and festive gala celebration.

The Marconi Prize is awarded to established scientists who have created and scaled our connected world.  Nominees are recognized for their impacts on widely-used technology, the scientific importance of their work, their entrepreneurial contributions, and the applicability of their work to social and humanitarian efforts. We seek diverse candidates with exceptional records who will bring an engaged, socially conscious perspective to the Marconi Society community and its work to expand digital inclusion through information and communications technology.

The Selection Advisory Committee’s recommendations are informed by the candidate’s contributions in the following areas:

  • The scientific importance of the nominee’s work
  • The practical impact of the nominee’s work in terms of broad and diverse use of their innovations
  • The nominee’s humanitarian contributions to digital inclusivity and both technical and non-technical contributions to making the opportunities of digital connectivity available to everyone
  • The nominee’s entrepreneurial contributions, reflecting the creativity and entrepreneurship that made Guglielmo Marconi’s innovations widely available

Recipients must be nominated by a peer.

Deadline: 6/1/2021

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