Tree House 2021 Architecture Competition

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The Tree House 2021 Architecture Competition, is an open ideas competition to invite you to re-imagine their childhood dream of living in a tree house in the wilderness, away from all the restrictions. Early Bird registration is ending in 11:59 PM, 16th July 2021.


Hurry up if you have not registered yet!


The Deadline for Submissions is 11:59 pm on 27th August 2021. We have curated below the most Frequently Asked Questions for the competition.


Q: Can the designs for the Tree House 2021 Architecture Competition conceptualized as cabins on forest floors or cliffs?
A: The Design Proposals for the competition are to e visualized suspended amongst the trees. Participants are encouraged to develop amazing innovative ideas of this out of the box living experience.

Q: Does the design proposal needs to be an Off Grid House or can we make use of existing infrastructure?
A: Participants can make use of the exisiting infrastructure however are encouraged to create an completely off grid solution.

Q: Does the proposal needs to be site specific or can it be a module?
A: Participants are free to decide the nature of the proposals. The solution can be site specific or can be a model than can be replicated with minimum modifications.

Q: Is there a Area restriction for the Tree House 2021 Architecture Competition?
A: Yes! The total built up area of the proposal should not exceed 400 sq.ft

Q: Are there any exceptions for the built up area limitation of 400 sq.ft?
A: Yes! The spaces exempted of this restrictions are open to sky courtyards, terraces, voids, open to sky spaces, lofts that are un walkable , pergolas, porches, decks or open pathways etc.

Q: Is there a Height Restriction for the proposal?
A: There are no restrictions with respect to the height of the structure

Q: Can Participant select a Hypothetical site or it has to be an actual piece of land?
A: Participants of the competition can select a site anywhere in the world and can be a hypothetical land in a actual location. The site location contexts like topography, demographic, environmental, cultural fabric are required to understand micro and macro level parameters to evaluate design responses and evolution.

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum area and density allowed for the site?
A: There are no limitations for areas of the site however should be in proportion with the requirements mentioned in the brief.


We are hosting a FAQ session on our Instagram Tomorrow at 6 PM. If you have any queries or any doubt regarding the competition, you can join the FAQ session.

If you have any questions for the subject or the process of the competition or any other questions we request you to visit FAQ page or simply shoot an email to with FAQ in the subject.

You can also send us a direct message to the social media handles.

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All the best for your Entries.
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