University of Washington & Amazon Sustainable Innovation Challenge

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Amazon’s Sustainable Transportation Accelerator for Middle-Mile Program, or STAMP, is launching the UW Sustainable Transportation Innovation Challenge to elicit ideas related to middle-mile decarbonization. The middle mile of Amazon’s network begins when goods come into our network, mostly at ports, and ends when goods are assigned to a customer for delivery, and includes transportation by air, water, rail, or road.

STAMP is looking for new ideas related to 1) hardware or software technologies to reduce carbon emissions; 2) methods to reduce the cost of sustainable transportation while still providing fast delivery; and 3) partnerships with external organizations (businesses and/or non-profits) to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Full- and part-time, undergraduate and graduate students that are legal US residents of WA over age 18 are eligible to participate.

Deadline: 10/11/21