WashPIRG video and events for Youth Earth Week

Hi everyone! WashPIRG is a statewide student-directed and student-funded organization that works to protect our environment, make college more affordable, and promote civic engagement. This quarter, our Wildlife over Waste campaign is working to protect our ocean from plastic pollution, specifically single-use plastics like plastic grocery bags and takeout containers, which can injure and/or kill marine animals and birds.

Last year, we helped to pass the plastic grocery bag ban in Washington state and we recently helped convince legislators to vote to ban foam cups and takeout containers in the state!

We have created a video introducing our chapter, our campaign, and the Earth Day events we have coming up next week! Please feel free to check out our video at this link.

P.S. Follow us on social media!

  • Chapter Instagram: washpirg_uw

  • Campaign Instagram: washpirg_wow

Interested in volunteering? Let us know! bit.ly/waWOW21

Check out our list of Earth Week events: youthearthweek.org