Health & Wellness resources

Spring Quarter has moved online and so has access to important resources from Hall Health Mental Health and the Counseling Center for Spring 2020. Please continue to visit these portals:

Husky Experience Took Kit | Husky Health and Well-Being | UW LiveWell

To spread the word about what’s new, Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D. (Counseling Center) and Meghann Gerber, Ph.D. (Hall Health Mental Health) answer questions about changes and enhancements to services:

Will Let’s Talk be available?

Yes! This quarter we are piloting Virtual Let’s Talk. Sessions are planned Monday through Friday. Check the schedule for times and counselors. Please note that Let’s Talk is not a 24/7 service.

What mental health services are available?

Students who are interested in mental health services are able to schedule a secure online appointment with a counselor. Individual, group and crisis counseling are available via secure online video sessions. Students can also access online workshops and other content to enhance your well-being and self-care.

Hall Health Mental Health offers:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Group counseling
  • Brief individual counseling
  • Crisis response

Call 206-543-5030 to make a Hall Health Mental Health appointment.

The Counseling Center offers:

  • Online workshops
  • Brief individual counseling
  • Crisis response

Call 206-543-1240 to make a Counseling Center appointment.

What can I expect from an online appointment with the Counseling Center or Hall Health Mental Health?

We will meet with you via secure online video sessions and can discuss your concerns. We will then work collaboratively with you to develop a plan for next steps. Next steps may include effective coping strategies, a follow-up appointment, or referral to other resources.

Who should I contact for mental health services?

Both Hall Health Mental Health and the Counseling Center offer similar counseling services. If you already have a provider at Hall Health or you are interested in medication, Hall Health may be a good place to start. If you do not have access to health insurance, the Counseling Center may be a good place to start. Either way, the professionals at both places can help direct you to the appropriate service.

What additional option will be available this quarter to attend to my mental wellbeing?

There are a number of resources available online, including: