WIN 2021: ARCH 587 A – Theory of Design Computing

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The course explores the relationship between theories of design and computational tools. Explores how the emergence of computing as a mainstream tool in design is changing architectural practice. Discusses how, as with other technologies that have revolutionized the practice of architecture, information technologies carry hidden implications about design process and products. The course also includes an introduction into basic computational methods via the Python programing language and the Rhinoceros CAD environment.

The course will be divided into two parts: a lecture/seminar on Tuesdays and a coding workshop session on Thursdays. Tuesdays will be used for a short lecture by the instructor and/or a discussion by all the class. Thurs- days will be devoted to the instruction of basic computational concepts in Python and Rhinoceros. A Rhinoceros license will be provided to you for use in your own computers for the duration of the course. No prior knowledge in programming is required. A laptop computer for use in class is ideal, but the course can equally be taken with the use of lab computers as well.