Required Documents and Procedures

All original receipts should be taped to one side of an 8 1⁄2 “ x 11” sheet of white paper. Multiple receipts per page are ok but should not overlap.

With the exception of personal meals claimed with per diem, receipts are required for all expenses to be reimbursed for travel or general reimbursements. Please attach your receipts to this reimbursement request and submit to your department administrator.

Regardless of cost, receipts are required for: airfare/train/rail itinerary; change fee; lodging (from a commercial lodging facility or AirBnB); car rental (final rental agreement); laundry; banquet dinners; meal reimbursement on behalf of others; immunizations (itemized); passport/visa fees; phone charges; any item purchased with foreign funds (all foreign travel receipts).

When being reimbursed for foreign funds, travelers should convert foreign currency using the day the purchase was made and include a print-out of the conversion along with receipts to their admin.

If original receipt is not available for non-travel charges, please complete a perjury statement (available online). Perjury statements will not be accepted for travel expenses.

If claiming reimbursement for food or alcohol (whether meal or public event) a 64-xxxx budget must be used. If claiming food or beverage reimbursement, please complete the Food and Beverage for Meeting, Training Sessions, and Recognition Awards Ceremonies Form. Please include receipts and a list of attendees as well.