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You are welcome to use any photography from these sites to enhance your communications project.  UW Photos on Flickr is updated most often.  You will also find some great images on the less active UW Visual Asset Collection.

As a guide, Boundless photography is embodied by three elements:

  1. Brilliantly bold: Composition is king. When showing UW people and places, keep as much scenery/landscape in the photo as possible. Bold is not busy; keep everything open, simple.
    • DEPTH: Horizon and beyond, see full picture
    • SPACE: Open, simple, expansive
    • PERSPECTIVE: Above, below, etc.
    • UNIQUE: Behind-the-scenes, unseen moments, asymmetry
  2. Dramatically beautiful: With one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, Huskies have a lot to be proud of. Lighting is essential to creating dramatically beautiful images. Light should illuminate objects and people and buildings, and should start with a glow that emanates from the shadows.
    • COLOR: Gradation using light, cohesive palette, hints of purple and gold
    • LIGHT: Sunrise and sunset, fades and shades, illumination
  3. Authentically human: We are an authentic brand made up of real people doing amazing things. Images should create a story in the mind of the viewer. Above all, use images of people that create a personal connection with the viewer. They are authentic in every way, and should be represented as they would normally be — reach to capture natural moments, not forced or artificial.
    • STORYTELLING: Emotive, authentic
    • ACTION: Engage, motion, energy
    • PERSPECTIVE: Sense of place, first-person view

Best practices

  • Capture close-up and detailed images of your subject and their work. A group or sequence of images can supplement the main portrait and better tell your story. Examples include close-ups of someone’s face, their hands or an object from their office or research, etc.
  • Use strong textures, colors and contrast to highlight interesting details
  • When photographing buildings, use dramatic lighting and depth whenever possible to emphasize the classical beauty of the architecture on campus
  • Keep as much sky in the photo as possible

Trumba Instructions

To add an event to CBE’s Trumba calendar, you must be a calendar editor. Send a message to be-help@uw.edu to request editor privileges.
Please visit UW IT Connect for detailed instructions on using Trumba >

Social Media Tips

Why CBE uses social media

  • To share news, information and newsworthy content related to the College and its units
  • To engage students, alumni, and supporters and build on their affinity for the CBE and its community of faculty, staff, students, etc.
  • To connect with prospective undergraduate and graduate students interested in exploring the built environment at one of the nation’s leading educational institutions
  • To direct people to our website; social media is a major driver of web traffic

Social Media Resources

Web Development

Web Development

The CBE web developer, Brian Vogt, designs, develops, and maintains websites based on the UW Boundless theme. Our sites are created using the WordPress content management system, making it easier for departments and organizations to help maintain their web content.

Several departments within the college have their websites developed and supported by our web developer. If you have questions about website development or maintenance, please contact Brian at bvogt@uw.edu. Interested in a strategy for web content and stories? Contact Jamilah Williams, Assistant Director for Marketing & Communications at jawillia@uw.edu.