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Finance + Travel Forms

The Finance and Administration Office (FAO), housed in the Dean’s Office at the College of Built Environments, provides various fiscal services for the departments and programs within the College. It is our goal to provide timely and quality services and to ensure compliance for all college financial activities. We can assist with a variety of financial transactions including, but not limited to: reimbursements, procurement, honoraria, deposits, and budgeting assistance. For additional help, please choose the appropriate form below. This will create a service ticket and allow us to better serve you. If you have questions regarding the forms, your department administrator should be able to assist you.

Procurement Forms

  • CBE Procard Reconciliation Form (google form) – This form is used by procard holders to submit their receipts and associated purchase information.
  • CBE Procurement Form – This form gathers the necessary information to assist you with your procurement needs. Please use this form for the following types of payments or procurement needs:
    • Contract review
    • Initiation of blanket purchase order
    • Payment of supplier invoice
    • Payment to an individual (personal services or honorarium)
    • Purchase of goods or services including requisitions and office supply orders
    • Other related procurement issues you might encounter

Reimbursement Forms

  • CBE Travel Reimbursement Form – Prior to submitting your travel reimbursement form, please read the additional travel form submission requirements here.
  • CBE Non-travel Reimbursement Form – Please note any reimbursement requests that contain food or beverages MUST include an attendee list and, if on a non-discretionary budget, a UoW1798 form.

Other Useful Payment and Purchase Forms

Other Payment and Purchase Information

If you have additional questions regarding how purchases should be made or how to be reimbursed for purchases, please contact your department administrator. You can also check out our FAQs or submit a general intake form that will allow us to direct your questions to the appropriate person.