CBE Intranet

Finance + Travel Forms


Financial transactions in the college require forms for processing. The following forms help the fiscal staff to process your financial transactions quickly and effectively. If you have questions regarding the forms, your department administrator should be able to assist you.

Procard Forms

Travel + General Reimbursement Forms

*replaces “BE Travel Request” and “Petty Cash Voucher”

Payments + Purchases

If you have questions regarding how purchases should be made or how to be reimbursed for purchases, please contact your department administrator.  All information provided is for purchases under $3,500. For purchases that exceed $3,500, Department and Dean’s Office approval is required prior to making the purchase and may require a sole source justification.

Payments for Merchandise + Services

There are a variety of purchases that fall under the “merchandise” and “services” categories including office supplies, model supplies, building materials, software, food, postage, copies, long distance charges, design services, and registrations. Computer and other equipment purchases, however, should be routed through the Computing Office rather than purchased directly to ensure compliance with University equipment inventory guidelines. If a purchase of food or beverages is being made, the budget must be a food approved budget or must fall under the exemptions of the UoW Form 1798.

Payments to Individuals

Payments are sometimes made to individuals for one-time lectures or for contract type work such as web design. In these circumstances, the method of payment to the individual often depends on whether the individual has been on University payroll in the last 12 months. Individuals who have been paid on University payroll, in this college or elsewhere, are NOT eligible for honoraria and MUST be paid through the payroll system.