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If you have not already, please take advantage of the training that is available for the new Workday Financial processes.  Log into the UW Connect Finance Portal (https://uwconnect.uw.edu/finance) and click on the “Training” resources icon.

Please Note:
CBE requires receipts for all transactions, even when under $75.00.

The Finance and Administration Office (FAO), housed in the Dean’s Office at the College of Built Environments, provides various fiscal support for the departments and programs within the College. It is our goal to provide timely and quality services and to ensure compliance with all college financial activities. We can assist with a variety of financial transactions including, but not limited to: reimbursements, procurement, honoraria, deposits, and budgeting assistance.

To determine the best course of action for your request please visit the UW Connect Finance Portal (note: you must be logged in to see the various forms available).


Depending on the payment method, the process may differ.

  • Invoice Payment
  • ProCard Services
    • To apply for a new ProCard or CTA card, or request a credit limit increase: Credit Card Services (login is required)
  • Purchasing from a UW Supplier
  • Service Agreements
  • Supplier creation and maintenance

Reimbursement for UW Employees

Expense Reports are a Workday tool used to reimburse UW employees for travel and non-travel-related expenses made on behalf of UW business.  This process should be initiated by the employee directly in Workday.

Link to Job Aid: How to Create Travel and Non-Travel Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports

  • Travel Expense Reports:
    • Process used for reimbursement of travel that has occurred or will occur on behalf of UW.  You must have department approval for all travel, you can submit via a “Spend Authorization” in advance through Workday or by attaching written communications from your Chair to your expense report at the time of submittal.
    • If you are a frequent traveler or are responsible for frequent travelers, it is advised that you enroll in “Travel Policies and Procedures” training as well as the “WD Hands-On Training” available through the Travel Office.
    • To request a travel spend authorization and/or reimbursement go to the UW Finance Forms page: Travel Spend Authorization & Reimbursement Request (login is required).
  • Non-Travel Related Expense Reports (formerly eReimbursements):
    • Process used for reimbursement of goods that have been purchased on behalf of UW.  They are for rare occasions when other procurement methods are not an option.  This should be done as a last resort.   As with other procurement methods, you must have department approval.
    • To request reimbursement for non-travel related expenses go to the UW Connect Finance Forms page: Non-Travel Reimbursement Request (login is required).

Reimbursement for NON-UW Employees

Miscellaneous Payments are a way of making a one-time payment to Non-UW employees who are US Citizens, Resident Aliens, and Nonresident Aliens in Workday.

  • Miscellaneous Payments:
    • Process used for reimbursement of Non-UW employees (which includes UW students [not student employees], faculty/staff candidates, guests/visitors) for expenses made on behalf of UW business.  To learn more please visit the webpage: How to Pay: Payments to Individuals.
    • To request a miscellaneous payment for a Non-UW employee go to the UW Connect Finance Forms page: Non-Employee Payment Request (login is required).

Miscellaneous Payments may include:

  • Awards / Prizes
    Used to pay awards and prizes for Non-UW employees.

    • Can be used for UW Students only if there is no stipulation on how funds are to be used by the student. Examples of this are awards or recognition for a special achievement, such as winning a judged competition, where the money can be used for any purpose. See Student Prizes and Awards
      • Recommendation: When submitting the request attach the award and/or prize letter.
  • Honoraria
    An honorarium is an amount of money paid to a professional person for which fees are not legally or traditionally required in recognition of a special service. The individual receiving the honorarium MAY NOT be an employee of the UW.

    • What qualifies as an honorarium?
      • A lecture or talk
      • A colloquium
      • An address
      • Grand Round
      • A continuing education presentation or similar activity given to students, staff, faculty, and/or the public at large
    • What does not qualify as an honorarium?
      • Payments to companies or other institutions
      • Personal Services or consulting services such as analyzing, designing, planning, facilitating, interpretation, marketing, performing, programming or organization development, research or scientific studies, strategic planning, video production, organizational assessment, quality assurance, editing, or reviewing.
        • Recommendation: When submitting the request, attach documentation (i.e. letter of invitation) justifying the honorarium
  • Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement
    • Review the Travel website for guidance on travel policy
    • To ensure a Miscellaneous Payee does not receive a 1099 for non-employee travel, fill out the following form and attach to the request: Non-Employee Travel Form
  • Non-UW Scholarships
  • Research Subjects
  • Royalties

Best Practices for Miscellaneous Payments:

  • Collect the payee’s social security number for each payment (Form W-9).
    • Note: Each social security number is checked manually against the IRS database for accuracy by Central Office. Do not include any social security numbers on any attachments.
  • Set up a system within your department to ask up front if the individual is a foreign national.
  • Checks are recommended for payees that live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • If an individual already has an active vendor number, use Supplier Invoice Request to make the payment.
  • If a service invoice is over the Direct Buy Limit, do not split the invoice into two different payments.
  • Do not submit a payment more than 2 weeks in advance of the service date.

(for a detailed list visit the miscellaneous payments web page)

Other Useful Payment and Purchase Forms

To request additional help that cannot be fulfilled by any other transaction-specific request forms, please go to the UW Connect Finance Forms page: General Finance Help Request (login is  required)

Campus Wide Resources

Workday Finance Transformation:

Learn more about the UW Finance Transformation project.  This modernization delivers a current, cloud-based system that will improve how the UW tracks, spends, collects, manages, and reports financial information.