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College Council

The CBE College Council provides governance for the faculty of the College. It is concerned with all domains of faculty authority and duties of the College faculty and the professional and personnel issues affecting faculty. The College Council is directly accountable to the faculty as a whole, from which it is elected.

The College Council has the following functions:

  1. to advise the Dean on faculty personnel actions for tenure, promotion and new appointments at tenured ranks;
  2. to advise the Dean on matters of educational policy, including curriculum and academic programs;
  3. to advise the Dean on matters of budget, including resource and salary allocations and faculty salary policy;
  4. to advise the Dean on matters of College administrative policy and procedure;
  5. to advise the Dean in appointing standing and special committees of the College faculty;
  6. to form its own standing committees or ad hoc committees to address specific issues in the College; and
  7. to interpret the College Bylaws governing Organization and Procedure.

Agenda/Minutes – 1/24/19

Agenda/Minutes – 2/25/19

Agenda/Minutes – 3/4/19

Agenda/Minutes – 4/1/19

Agenda/Minutes – 5/6/19

Agenda/Minutes – 6/3/19

Agenda/Minutes– 10/4/19

Agenda/Minutes – 11/1/19

Agenda/Minutes – 12/9/19

All College Council Meetings are from 12-1:20pm


Agenda/Minutes – 1/9/20

Agenda/Minutes – 1/30/20

Agenda/Minutes – 3/12/20

Agenda/Minutes – 4/9/20 (canceled)

Agenda/Minutes – 5/14/20

Agenda/Minutes – 6/11/20

All College Council Meetings are from 12-1:20pm

Annual College meeting – Agenda/Minutes 6/10/20