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The CBE Office of Research supports, connects, elevates and accelerates research throughout the College of Built Environments.

About CBE Research

About The CBE Office of Research

The CBE Office of Research works collaboratively with departmental leadership and staff, and partners with CBE Advancement, the Assistant Dean for Planning and Budgeting, the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE), and UW’s Office of Research, to:

  • Accelerate CBE research:
    • Provide support, guidance and oversight for CBE centers and labs.
    • Award grants to support scholarship efforts.
    • Deliver research training and coaching.
    • Identify, share, and advise on funding opportunities and grantsmanship strategy.
    • Track, evaluate, and report CBE research activities, impacts, and support strategies.
  • Elevate CBE research and its impacts, in partnership with CBE’s Marketing and Communications team:
    • Share CBE research stories with CBE audiences, the press and the public.
    • Steward the CBE Research Portal, a holistic view of CBE scholarship.
    • Strategically collaborate on events that highlight, catalyze, and amplify CBE research.
  • Connect and coordinate the CBE research community:
    • Share opportunities, best practices, policy updates, and other resources across the CBE research community.
    • Foster cross-disciplinary communities of practice on topics of CBE importance as well as research-related roles and activities.
  • Foster administrative support for CBE research:
    • Collaborate with CBE’s Office of Planning and Budgeting and CSDE to provide grants and contracts support.
      • (learn more about the plan for the CSDE partnership in 2021. )
    • Collaborate with CBE Advancement for Gift-funded scholarship.
    • Collaborate with Planning and Budgeting for Service agreements.

Engage with CBE Research

Three ways to get involved in CBE research:

  1. The CBE Office of Research holds regular meetings to discuss scholarship within and related to the College. Our 2021-2 meeting schedule includes:
    • October 11: CBE Research Leadership meeting — We invite leaders in the college’s centers, labs, as well as PIs, to come together to discuss current and future concerns related to research. We will brief attendees on topics from central administration, share issues and best practices from CBE Office of Research and CBE Planning and Budgeting, and provide attendees a forum to share best practices and ask questions they may have.
    • November 8: CBE Staff Who Do Research meeting — CBE-OR holds regular meetings with research scientists and other staff who actively do research. Come discuss the unique perspectives, challenges and priorities.
    • January 24: CBE Research Administrators meeting — We’ll be hosting an annual meeting just for those in the College and its departments, centers, and labs who support research. We’ll share updates and discuss the particular issues, resources and support needs for research administrators.
    • February 14 — Special Topic TBD
    • April 18: CBE Research Leadership meeting
    • May 9: CBE Staff Who Do Research meeting
  2. The CBE Research Portal was developed to foster a holistic, interconnected view of the diverse portfolio of the College of Built Environments’ scholarly activities. Visit research.be.uw.edu and explore the people, labs & centers, projects, and stories across the CBE research community.
  3. We invite you to join the CBE-research listserv to get regular news about scholarly activities, funding opportunities, poicies and guidelines, news and kudos within the CBE research community!

CBE Research Guidelines

Research Contacts

CBE Research Contacts

Associate Dean for Research

Carrie Dossick | 206-221-4894 | cdossick@uw.edu

Assistant Dean for Research

Jen Davison | 206-240-6903 | jnfrdvsn@uw.edu

Assistant Dean for Budget and Planning

Rachel Ward | 206-616-2440 | wardrm@uw.edu

Assistant Dean for Advancement and External Relations

Alexandra Haslam | 206-685-0175 | alexeck3@uw.edu

CBE Office of Research general email: beres@uw.edu

CSDE Research Contacts

Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (for those working with CSDE on pre-award and post-award grant management)

– learn more about the rollout of this partnership.

Scott Kelly, Administrator | 206-685-4375 | kellysr@uw.edu

Belinda Sachs, Grants Manager | belindab@uw.edu

Angie Thai, Budget and Fiscal Analyst Lead | nthai@uw.edu

UW Research Contacts

Human Subjects Division

Laura Henderson, Administrator | Laurah89@uw.edu | 206-543-4798

Office of Sponsored Programs

Alison Schultz, Grant and Contract Coordinator | aschultz@uw.edu | 206-543-6629
Adelia Yee, Senior Grant and Contract Administrator | ayee@uw.edu | 206-685-4249
Amanda Snyder, Associate Director | Acs229@uw.edu | 206-616-8790

Grant and Contract Accounting

GCA Help Team | gcahelp@uw.edu | 206-616-9995


Quick Links to Key Resources

UW Research
Central location for all information relating to research at the UW.

Mandatory Compliance Trainings
The trainings you will be required to complete are based on the type of research you are conducting.

Human Subjects Division
If your research involves human subjects in any capacity, you may be required to complete Human Subject trainings and/or forms.

Create your eGC1 and submit your proposal to be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Status Checker
Check the status of your proposal while in the application stage.

My Financial Desktop
Track and view expenditures for an existing grant.

Grant Tracker
Track and view invoices for an existing grant.