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CBE Office of Research

The CBE Office of Research supports, connects, elevates and accelerates research throughout the College of Built Environments. We work in partnership with CBE’s offices of Advancement and Finance & Administration; departments, labs, centers, and PIs; and partners across campus including CSDE and UW Office of Research.

Download CBE-OR’s inaugural Annual Report, 2021-22

CBE Office of Research 2022-3 Work Plan


With the following goals and lenses we are focusing on 9 overarching activities in the 2022-3 academic year. We expect these to move us toward our desired outcomes.


  • Foster support for CBE research
  • Connect and coordinate the CBE research community
  • Elevate CBE research and its impacts
  • Accelerate CBE research


  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Continual Improvement
  • Cross-Boundary Scholarship
  • Research Student Experience


  • Professional Development
  • Centers & Labs Oversight
  • Communities of Practice
  • Internal Grants
  • External Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Research Events
  • Strategy & Infrastructure
  • Metrics & Evaluation


  • Improved understanding of and response to what CBE researchers need to succeed
  • More effective research support infrastructure
  • Greater productivity and positive impacts from CBE research

2022-3 PROJECTS:

Strategy and Infrastructure / Centers and Labs Oversight:

  • Hire Research Administrator
  • P&P development (with FAO)
  • Develop process to nominate CBE researchers for awards and speaking opportunities

Professional Development:

  • Orientation, onboarding and training of new cohort
  • Peer review mock panel process
  • Thematic Research Lunches
    • winter: NSF/Federal grants
    • spring: Community-engaged research

Communities of Practice:

  • Revise strategy and support

Internal Communications:

  • Develop strategy for integrated messaging for CBE research support
  • Wall space for CBE-OR in Gould!

External Communications:

  • Launch and revise Publications Project
  • Incorporate Communities of practice into Research Portal

Metrics & Evaluation:

  • Develop Metrics of Impact

Strategy & Infrastructure

  • Cultivate relationships with other UW research entities, e.g., Research Advisory Board
  • Partner with the Finance and Administration Office (FAO) to build research-related policies and procedures
  • Provide research operational support (MOUs, PI Status, etc.)
  • Lead ongoing partnership between CBE and Urban@UW
  • Conduct annual strategic planning, to interrogate and refine our lenses and goals, and to identify priorities and initiatives

Metrics & Evaluation

  • We want to understand three interrelated things:
    • CBE’s research productivity, impact, and visibility
    • The needs of the CBE research community
    • How CBE Office of Research activities are meeting our goals, engaging our lenses, and addressing the needs of the research community
  • Build on existing set of quantitative and qualitative metrics to capture, analyze and report on this AY
  • Work with FAO, Marcomms, Advancement, and others to develop and implement measurements
  • Leverage regular research meetings to assess needs, barriers, opportunities and priorities within the CBE research community
  • Explore impact metrics
  • Explore using yearly activity report data
  • Publicize report in Fall 2023
  • …and repeat

Professional Development

  • Hire Research Administrator for strategic partnership support for PIs
  • Leverage the roll-out of P&P for improved collaboration, communication and research culture
  • Onboard and train new cohort of faculty
  • Host conversations for researchers to learn from each other
  • Provide coaching and mentorship for new and ongoing faculty with useful, integrated, equitable research resources

Centers & Labs Oversight

  • Host regular meetings to connect with CBE’s centers, labs, and PIs around ideas, priorities, barriers, needs and opportunities for research
  • Host regular listening sessions to understand and further support each of these other research communities:
    • Staff who do research
    • Research administrators
    • RAs and students working in CBE Centers
  • Provide strategic partnership and direct supervision for Urban@UW

Communities of Practice

  • Revise and implement strategy to support ongoing and emergent Communities of Practice, in partnership and in alignment with each CoP’s needs, including:
    • Humanities, Histories and Futures
    • Technology Committee
    • Climate Solutions
    • ???

Internal Grants

  • Work with FAO to support the Johnston-Hastings travel and publication grants
  • Continue offering the Inspire Fund grant, and second cycle of the Research Restart grant
  • Work with CBE research community to increase number and strength of submissions
  • Provide feedback, publicity, and peer learning for grantees

External Communications

  • Work with CBE MarCom team to tell CBE research stories that elevate the college research portfolio and align with CBE-OR’s goals and lenses
  • Ensure the Research Portal represents our current portfolio of people, centers, projects, and other research information accurately, concisely, and compellingly
  • Launch and refine Research Portal database of research outputs (e.g., publications, reports)
  • Bring Communities of Practice into the Research Portal

Internal Communications

  • Continue partnering with FAO to share timely and relevant research guidance
  • Continue sharing research resources and funding opportunities
  • Highlight research efforts in All College meetings
  • Regularly update the CBE research community on our efforts

Engage with CBE Research

Here are a few ways to get involved in CBE research. Email us at beres@uw.edu!

CBE research meetings

The CBE Office of Research holds regular meetings to discuss scholarship within and related to the College. Our 2022-3 meeting schedule includes:


  • October 24, 2022, 12-1: CBE Research Leadership meeting — We invite leaders in the college’s centers, labs, as well as PIs, to come together to discuss current and future concerns related to research. We will brief attendees on topics from central administration, share issues and best practices from CBE Office of Research and Finance and Administration Office, and provide attendees a forum to share best practices and ask questions they may have.
  • October 31, 12-1: Climate Solutions community of Practice: Join a Halloween Lunch to meet with faculty, staff and students interested in collaborating to define the Climate Solutions Community of Practice in CBE. We’ll be hosting some brief exercises to map out our community and prioritize activities for the coming year.
  • November 21, 12-1: CBE research staff 1:1s with Associate Dean for Research. Email beres@uw.edu if you would like to sign up.
  • November 28, 12-1: CBE Climate Club: Should we form a Climate Club at CBE? Are you a CBE student interested in addressing the climate crisis? Come to this meeting to meet other like minded students to explore if you see value in an interdisciplinary organization focused on climate solutions. Help identify how the College could support student action.
  • December 5, 12-1: Climate Solutions community of Practice: Meet with faculty, staff and students interested in collaborating to define the Climate Solutions Community of Practice in CBE. We’ll be following up on prioritizing activities for the coming year.
  • February 27, 12-1pm: CBE students involved in research, Gould 100 and online.

2021-2 research meetings

  • October 11, 2021: CBE Research Leadership meeting — We invite leaders in the college’s centers, labs, as well as PIs, to come together to discuss current and future concerns related to research. We will brief attendees on topics from central administration, share issues and best practices from CBE Office of Research and Finance and Administration Office, and provide attendees a forum to share best practices and ask questions they may have.
  • November 1, 2021: Climate Solutions Community of Practice — Facilitator: Kate Simonen, Presenter: Jan Whittington “Mainstreaming Climate Action through City Infrastructure Planning and Finance”
  • November 8, 2021: CBE Staff Who Do Research meeting — CBE-OR holds regular meetings with research scientists and other staff who actively do research. Come discuss the unique perspectives, challenges and priorities.
  • November 22, 2021: Research in Uncertain Times — This will be an open discussion for researchers to share their frustrations, challenges, joys, and successes as we all have navigated the past two years.  Bring your stories, bring your challenges, bring ideas about reinvigorating your research.  What is still working, what is not working, how have you overcome limitations, what limitations were insurmountable, what has made you discouraged, what has made you hopeful?  Let’s get together to support each other and navigate the weeks and months ahead.
  • November 29, 2021: Climate Solutions Community of Practice — Facilitator: Jan Whittington, Presenter: Chris Meek “Decarbonizing the Existing Commercial Building Stock: Pain, Progress, and Policy in Energy Retrofits”
  • February 14, 2022:Students associated with research
  • April 18, 2022: Climate Solutions Community of Practice — Facilitator: Chris Meek, Presenter: Heather Burpee, “Toward net-zero hospitals: research and application.”
  • April 25, 2022: CBE Research Leadership meeting
  • May 9, 2022: CBE Staff Who Do Research meeting
  • May 16, 2022: Climate Solutions Community of Practice — Presenter: Chris Lee and Yohan Min, “Characterization of Energy Vulnerability in terms of Urban Administrative and Community Characteristics in the Pacific Northwest Cities.”

CBE Research Portal

The CBE Research Portal was developed to foster a holistic, interconnected view of the diverse portfolio of the College of Built Environments’ scholarly activities. Visit research.be.uw.edu and explore the people, labs & centers, projects, and stories across the CBE research community.

CBE Research listserv

We invite you to join the CBE-research-community listserv to get regular news about scholarly activities, funding opportunities, policies and guidelines, news and kudos within the CBE research community!

CBE Research Guidance

These guidelines are meant to support and focus your research efforts. Please reach out with any questions: beres@uw.edu.

UW Finance Transformation and Research

Workday Finance launches in July 2023. There are many resources you can review now to help prepare early and make the transition as seamlessly as possible.

  • UWFT for the Research Community: We’ve centralized relevant resources for researchers, administrators, and leaders in the research community. Bookmark this page and check back often for the latest on what’s changing, resources and training opportunities, announcements, and frequently asked questions.
  • SAGE Awards: Visit this subpage on UWFT for the Research Community highlighting the new SAGE Award process coming in July 2023.
  • SAGE Budget Preparation: With UWFT, SAGE Budget will be required at the time of award setup. Review the latest information and register for an upcoming SAGE Budget class.

These, and many other resources, can be found at UWFT for the Research Community.

Grants and Contracts

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Pre-Award Guidelines:

Post-Award Guidelines:

Sharing funding opportunities

Service Agreements

Research Contacts

CBE Research Contacts

Associate Dean for Research

Carrie Dossick | 206-221-4894 | cdossick@uw.edu

Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration

Rachel Ward | 206-616-2440 | wardrm@uw.edu

Grants Manager

Danielle Manis | 206-543-2045 | dmm17@uw.edu

Assistant Dean for Advancement and External Relations

Alexandra Haslam | 206-685-0175 | alexeck3@uw.edu

CBE Office of Research: beres@uw.edu

CSDE Research Contacts

Grants management by Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
(for those working with CSDE on pre-award and post-award grant management)

UW Research Contacts

Human Subjects Division

hsdinfo@uw.edu | https://www.washington.edu/research/contact-us/

Office of Sponsored Programs

osp@uw.edu | https://www.washington.edu/research/osp/contact-osp/

Grants and Contracts Accounting

gcahelp@uw.edu | 206-616-9995


Quick Links to Key Resources

UW Research
Central location for all information relating to research at the UW.

Mandatory Compliance Trainings
The trainings you will be required to complete are based on the type of research you are conducting.

Human Subjects Division
If your research involves human subjects in any capacity, you may be required to complete Human Subject trainings and/or forms.

Proposal Submission via SAGE
Create your eGC1 and submit your proposal to be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Significant Financial Interest Disclosure (SFI)
Definitions and requirements

Status Checker
Check the status of your proposal while in the application stage.

My Financial Desktop
Track and view expenditures for an existing grant.

Grant Tracker
Track and view invoices for an existing grant.