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Office of Academic Affairs

Welcome to the CBE Office of Academic Affairs!

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Lynne Manzo | lmanzo@uw.edu

Our mission in the Office of Academic Affairs is three-pronged:

  1. Support faculty development through mentoring and oversight of the tenure, promotion and merit review process, as well as guidance and recommendations around sabbatical applications and college awards, and supporting the day-to-day work of the faculty through the provision of teaching resources.
  2. Support the larger goals of the College’s mission and vision to engage in research and education that influences the trajectories of climate change, social justice and human health through the thoughtful planning, design, construction and investment in the environment and in communities.
  3. Ensure that the college operates with integrity, and compliance with law and with University and College policies and procedures,

An underpinning value of this office is well-being because we cannot achieve and maintain a growth mindset and thrive – or help others to do so – without well-being. Simply put, to do well we must be well.

Community Well-being

We believe that faculty well-being is of vital importance and is an “upstream issue” that directly connects with the growth and well-being of our students. We believe that well-being is a larger community level issue based in an understanding that we are all interconnected. Toward this end, the Office of Academic Affairs also engages with the UW Resilience Lab to offer resources for faculty from workshops and discussions to guest talks on best practices.

The CBE Office of Academic Affairs supports the Resilience Lab’s 4-part model of well-being: (1) teaching for equity and access; (2) nurturing connection; (3) building resilience coping skills; and (4) connecting with the environment.