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Event planning is an integral engagement component that enables you to connect with your alumni, donors, and external communities. The CBE Advancement team is happy to offer resources and event planning support that will help you accomplish your goals.

As the college has many events with different audiences, below is an illustration of the spectrum of events and the kind of support you may expect from the Advancement team based on the type of event that you are planning. Each event will be evaluated individually through an event intake meeting to assess the level of support that the Advancement Team is able to provide. You, as the event/program planner, will be required to complete the CBE Event Intake Worksheet prior to the event intake meeting.

Please be advised that due to team strategy, workload, and existing project schedules, we cannot guarantee staffing for every request. Kindly fill out an Advancement Support Request form below to get started in working with us. We look forward to collaborating with you.

How To Get Started:

1: Figure your type of event based on the CBE Event Spectrum below. There are levels of Advancement Support – click on each to learn more

2: Submit an event support request

Event Support Request

CBE Event Spectrum: (Click on the category that best applies to your event)


Three purple circles that get smaller and lighter in color from left to right they read High or Lead, Medium, Low or None

High or Lead Medium Low or None

Strategic College/Dept Fundraising or Engagement Event


High or Lead

Medium-Small Sized Events with Key CBE Stakeholders
Events w/Impact that Advances External College Reputation



Internal Events
Student Events
Town Halls/Conferences


Low or None

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