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Event Resources

Quick Links:

Getting Started

The following are some helpful event planning tools, checklists, and resources.

Event Checklist for Advancement Events (Doc)
Event Checklist for External Affairs Events (Doc)
Sample Reception Budget (Excel)
Campus Site Inspection Checklist – sample (Doc)
Event To Do List – sample (Doc)

Finding a Venue

There are many resources at the University to help you find a venue for your event. Once you’ve reserved the venue, make sure to fill out a “Use of University Facilities” (UUF) form to get your event approved with the UW special programs office.
General Venue Information
Campus Event Venue Spreadsheet
UUF Form and Instructions
Space Scout, a search tool developed by UW-IT that’s great for venue searches.

Adding your Event to the Calendar (Trumba)

Our college and the departments publish events using Trumba, the calendaring system adopted by the UW in 2013. Events from the UW calendar can be easily added to the CBE Calendar and vice versa.

To add an event to CBE’s Trumba calendar, you must be a calendar editor. Send a message to to request editor privileges.

When creating your event, even if it is internal, be sure to start on the College of Built Environments » CBE Internal Planning calendar before publishing to the departmental or college calendar. This calendar is used by all Trumba users for planning purposes to make sure spaces and time isn’t overbooked.

For detailed instructions on how to use Trumba, visit UW IT’s help page.

Inviting the Guests

Is your event audience primarily alumni, donors, volunteers, engaged community members, or a combination of these? If so, you are able to utilize Advancement’s Cvent account to track registrations and attendee information. Contact, to help set up your event with support from the Advancement Team.

Please note our team requires the below lead time on events:

12 weeks minimum lead time for in person events or events of 100+ people.
4-6 weeks minimum lead time for virtual events and lectures.

Creative Communications

Creative Communications (C2) can design and send mail invitations. Units can provide their own artwork/template if desired or use the C2 basic event template. CBE’s C2 contact: David Walters at

Other resources:

Printing, Design & Mailing

Planning the Event

These resources include no-bid vendors and other event-related companies used around campus.
Event Production, Décor and Floral
AV, Lighting and Sound
Rentals and Production
Banners, Displays and Signage
Photography, Gifts and Giveaways

Food and Beverage

All you need to know about serving food and drinks on campus. Take special note of the new instructions for serving alcohol.
Alcohol and Beverage Service
Catering and Food Service
Temporary Food Service Permit

University Services for Your Event

There are many departments at the university that can help with your event. Please check out the great resources provided here.
Facility & Grounds, Garbage & Recycling, Custodial
Police, Fire, and EMT
Parking, Maps and Directions
Transportation and Lodging

Other Resources and Services

Conference Management and Ceremonies
Special Services-ADA and Sign Language
Trademarks and Licensing