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Organic, free-flowing forms, simple colors, and a mastery of layering and composition is what makes Imi Knoebel’s artwork so compelling and attractive. For my artist’s live-work space, I wanted to draw on these qualities to inspire a three-dimensional, spatial experience. Through many iterations, I composed a series of forms, layering and staggering them at different elevations while keeping each program in mind. Some of the most interesting spaces created through this composition are the points where these elements meet, creating organic overlaps, unique places for circulation, and practical covered areas. Through incorporating color, I roughly designated the programs of different spaces, as well as explored playing with color theory – for example using green in the upper private spaces to promote calm and rest. As one part of a larger series of five connected galleries and live-work spaces, it was important for me to ensure that the gallery and connection for the public was accessible and inviting while only giving a hint of the resulting gallery space within. The entry point and main circulation for the private spaces is separate from the public spaces, though small connections do exist where elements overlap, and walls and floors that serve one program on one side for the artist may serve another program on the other side for the public.

Through this, all visitors are able to experience these spaces from within or from a distance, element by element, each experience connecting and layering on the previous to create a complete composition.