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Research Funding Opps Feed

Neotropical Grassland Conservancy Student Grant Program

Deadline: 8/1/22

National Science Foundation: Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Deadline: 07/15/2022

Urban@UW’s 2022-3 Research Spark Grants call for proposals

Urban@UW is excited to announce another cycle of funding for projects in urban systems for academic year 2022-2023. Our Urban@UW Research Spark Grants are intended to *spark* new ideas, connections, and next steps for UW researchers undertaking cross-disciplinary and community-engaged urban scholarship.

DOE Funding Opportunity for Urban Integrated Field Laboratories

Informational Webinar will take place on March 30th, 12:00PM.

Johnston-Hastings Endowment for Publication Support

Deadline: 4/15/22

Johnston-Hastings Endowment for Research Travel of Architecture Faculty

Deadline: 4/15/22

Latino Center for Health Small Grants Program

Deadline: 2/25/22

Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund Hyland R. Johns Grant Program

Deadline: 3/1/2022

Comotion Innovation Gap Fund

Deadline 3/7/22

UW Office of Research: Royalty Research Fund (RRF)

Deadline: 3/7/22

NSF Boosting Research Ideas for Transformative and Equitable Advances in Engineering (BRITE)

Deadline: 4/15/22

North Pacific Research Board: Graduate Student Research Awards

Deadline: 2/15/22

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Health Policy Research Scholars

Deadline: 3/16/22

Population Health Pilot Research Grants: Tier 3

Deadline: 4/1/22

MOHAI – Curator’s Fellowship

Deadline 1/31/22

Bullitt Foundation – Environmental Fellowship

Deadline: 4/1/22

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 2022-Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grants

Deadline: 1/25/2022

NSF Grant – Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)

Deadline: 2/8/22

National Forest Foundation: National Forest Conservation Efforts Supported

Deadline: 1/12/22

Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)

Deadline: 1/18/22

National Academies Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellowships

Deadline 3/2/22

Population Health Pilot Research Grants: Tier 1

Deadline: 2/1/22

NSF: Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC)

Deadline: rolling until 4/1/2024

CBE Inspire Fund

Deadline 2/1/22

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation Venetian Research Program

Deadline: 12/15/21

Human-Environment and Geographical Sciences Program (HEGS)

Deadline: 1/18/21

International research experience opportunity for your graduate and undergraduate students

Telling the Full History Grant Program

Deadline: 12/15/21

ACI Foundation Concrete Research Council (CRC) Research Grants

Deadline: 12/01/21

NSF – Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships

Deadline: 2/1/2022

W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research Fellows Program

Deadline: 1/14/2022

Black Heritage Sites Survey (RFP) – DAHP Soliciting Consultant Services

Deadline: 12/15/21

PADI Foundation Grants (Underwater Science, Environmental Projects & Education)

Deadline: 1/15/21

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Healthy Eating Research Special Solicitation: COVID-19 and Socioeconomic Recovery Efforts

Deadline: 11/17/21

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Climate Change and Human Health Seed Grants

Deadline: 8/30/23

Biodiversity on a Changing Planet (BoCP)

Deadline: 03/25/22

Yakama Nation Endowed Fund for Student Support – applications open

The College of the Environment is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Yakama Nation Endowed Fund for Student Support which champions the recruitment and retention of prospective and enrolled UW undergraduate and graduate Yakama Nation tribal members pursuing environmentally related studies. This fund also seeks to deepen the connection between UW and the…

Macrosystems Biology and NEON-Enabled Science (MSB-NES) Research on Biological Systems at Regional to Continental Scales

Deadline 01/10/2022

SOM Foundation Research Prize

Deadline: 11/08/21

Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation

Deadline 11/01/2021

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Grants

Deadline: 12/01/2021

Quadratec Cares ‘Energize The Environment’ Grant Program

Deadline: 10/30/21