CBE Intranet

Remote Access Lab (RAL)

The CBE Remote Access Lab is for use by students in CBE majors or currently taking CBE classes.

Students must use UW OnNet VPN to access CBE Remote computers from off campus. You might see it called Big-IP on your computer. Note: Connections time out after 72 hrs.

Mac users will need to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop. Find the app in the Mac App Store.

Store all files in the Cloud. Do not store any files on the CBE Remote computer, they may be deleted at anytime. Options include:

  • UDrive: Users auto-connect to their UW “U” Drive, with up to 50gigs of storage.
  • GDrive: Browse to https://drive.google.com, login to your personal or UW Google site.
  • Map a drive to a CBE Course file share. Your instructor will give you directions.

Remember to Sign out when finished, do not just close the Remote Desktop Program. Right click the Start Button, select “Sign Out” from the shutdown menu. Disconnected sessions will be automatically logged out after 10 minutes.

Only use 1 Remote Access Lab computer at a time and limit your sessions to when you are actually working. If you’ll be away for long, please log off. This will allow us to keep CBE Remote Access resources available to all who need them.

Email be-help@uw.edu if you need assistance.


  • Download, Install and Connect to UW VPN. Launch Big- IP, click “Connect” and login with your UW netid credentials.
  • Browse to: https://ks.be.uw.edu/frame-body/maps (Requires UW VPN to access)
  • Choose an Available computer, click Connect, then Download to download a .rdp file.
  • Dbl click the .rdp file, select Open w/ Remote Desktop, check Do this Automatically, Connect. Users on Mac OSX 10.13, should right click the downloaded rdp file and choose Open with Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Login with your UW email address, {uwnetid}@uw.edu and your UW password. NOTE: You may need to click More Choices, if unable to provide login credentials.
  • Want to use Adobe software? You will need to create a Free Adobe Account using an email address (ie. your uw email) at https://accounts.adobe.com. Login with that email address when launching Adobe software in the RAL.
  • Click through a couple of security messages. Check boxes Don’t ask… Click Connect on the publisher, and Yes on the security messages.