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WRGP Resident Tuition Rate Application

WRGP is a program offered through the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). It allows students legally residing in 16 participating western states and territories to attend the University of Washington at the resident tuition rate. To be considered, please complete this application, print to pdf, and return it along with your supporting documentation via email.

Arch: Claudine Manio, Graduate Academic Adviser, 206-685-8405, claudine@uw.edu
CM: Rachel Faber Machacha, Academic Advisor, 206-685-4438, rafm@uw.edu
LA: Julie Parrett, Senior Lecturer and Graduate Program Coordinator, 206-543-9240 parrettj@uw.edu
RE: Melissa Best, Assistant to the Chair, 206-685-8020, bestm2@uw.edu
UDP: Diana Siembor, Graduate Academic Advisor, 206-543-4190, udp@uw.edu


  • Applicant Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Residency Information

  • School name, Major, Degree, Date degree granted, Cumulative GPA
  • Residency Documentation

  • The following documentation of legal residency in your WICHE state must accompany this application.
    1. Proof of legal residence for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the beginning of the first academic term (Autumn quarter/September).
      • • Proof of a permanent address (i.e. current phone, utility or cable bill, mortgage statement, lease/rental agreement, official mail from a public agency, etc.).
    2. Proof of income earned in the resident state OR proof of resident student status for the same time frame:
      • • Copy of your most recent state or federal income tax returns on wages earned in your state. (Applicants who are not financially independent can submit their parent’s most recent tax returns if claimed as a dependent). –OR–
      • • If attending school, proof of official resident status at your current College or University for the past 12 months (i.e., bills reflecting resident tuition rate charges).
    3. Proof of other legal ties to the WRGP State. Please submit at least one of the following items:
      • • Employment Records. If submitting this item, please report the following: Dates of employment in your state (mo/yr - mo/yr)
      • • Driver’s license. If submitting this item, please report the following: Previous driver’s license immediately preceding this one. Include Date Issued and State Issued
      • • Active bank account. If submitting this item, please report the date the account was opened.
      • • Vehicle registration
      • • Voter registration