NEW UW Solar Decathlon Competition RSO

Attention Architecture students! The Solar Decathlon is a new competition based club coming this autumn quarter. The Solar Decathlon is a competition under the Department of Energy where student teams pair with industry, faculty, mentors and more to design and build a net-zero energy home. A net-zero energy home is a residential building that generates more electricity than it uses in heating, lights, etc.. For those interested in learning more, please access this link:


This club provides a great resume booster for those who want to participate in a well known competition that has had 40,000+ students participate since 2002. It expands on students learning in a real world application that can provide a great entryway into the clean energy workforce.


We are looking for Architecture majors to help with our design, which is made specifically for disadvantaged communities. There are also contests in Health, Efficiency, Life Cycle and more. If you are interested in this club, then please look at the ad attached. If you cannot access the QR code, then either email me at or access the link to our slack:


Thank you very much,


Max Stafford

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