Research in CBE Fall Info Series

Research in CBE Series; meeting in Gould 142. Mondays 10-11am, Tuesdays 11am-12pm*, Thursdays 2-3pm

(Zoom link has been shared in the bi-weekly research newsletter. If you are not receiving the newsletter then you are not on the CBE Research listserv. Email to be added.)

10/17 11am-12pm: eGC1 Review checklist (Zoom available*)

10/19 2-3pm: eGC1 Review checklist

10/23 10-11am: Research Roles and Timelines

10/24 11am-12pm: Research Roles and Timelines (Zoom available*)

10/26 2-3pm: Research Roles and Timelines

10/30 10-11am: Subawards and subbudgets

10/31 11am-12pm: Subawards and subbudgets (Zoom available*)

11/2 2-3pm: Subawards and subbudgets

11/6 10-11am: Indirect Cost Return

11/7 11am-12pm: Indirect Cost Return (Zoom available*)

11/9 2-3pm: Indirect Cost Return

11/13 10-11am: Cost Share

11/14 11am-12pm: Cost Share (Zoom available*)

11/16 2-3pm: Cost Share

11/20 10-11am: Personnel Effort Certification and Compliance

11/21 11am-12pm: Personnel Effort Certification and Compliance (Zoom available*)

11/27 10-11am: Personnel Effort Certification and Compliance

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