URBDP 585 Intro to Historic Preservation

This interdisciplinary course covers the history and theory of historic preservation primarily in the United States and explores its intersection with a diverse set of disciplines and themes of livability, equity, social justice, and sustainability. It critiques the nature of preservation practice and current and future challenges the field faces. Historic Preservation in the United States has evolved dramatically over the last four decades from a rather narrow, generally Eurocentric enterprise focusing on high-style monumental architecture to a more broad-based approach to urban design and planning.

The course is set up as a combination of lecture and seminar formats. Typically, one of the classes during the week will be a lecture, and the other class will be set aside as a seminar during which everyone is expected to participate. Participation in the course will (1) make you familiar with literature pertaining to the history, theory, and practice of historic preservation; (2) develop abilities to think critically and conduct research on historic preservation topics, and (3) connect historic preservation with your field of study.

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